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Name all of the country land borders in the world. Dependent territories included (name them with the country’s name). Distances are overall between the two countries, not individual segments. Borders included over man-made land, but not bridges/tunnels. Enter countries one after the other in either order, i.e. ‘FranceGermany’ or ‘USCanada’ – use the following abbreviations for these countries: US, UK, DRC, CAR, UAE, just ‘Bosnia’ for Bosnia & Herz, and just ‘Congo’ for Republic of the Congo.

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    fyi border distance isn’t quite an exact science, and the source this is from continually updates/changes them…this is current as of today.
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    Be more generous with the time. You get 5 min for 50 borders, but nothing for 100, 150, 200… It’s more fun to think about borders you might’ve forgotten than having to hit the keys like a maniac.
    1. 0
      Given the highest scores I think there might be another time bonus other than for the number of total borders. I typed borders like crazy and only got 230… It’s also worth noticing that I didn’t play with a World Map in front of me.
      1. 0
        Neither did I. I think there was a bonus for naming the longest borders, but I might just confuse that with another quiz.
        1. 0
          Getting 300+ answers on this quiz without any more time bonuses is quite a feat… assuming no maps were checked while playing of course. Using a cycling analogy, I’m not a quiz sprinter, I’m more of a mountain climber kind of player.
    2. 0
      there are time bonuses for 100, 150, and 200, as well the categories at bottom.
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    Morocco – Mauritania? Western Sahara isn’t recognized on this quiz, so shouldn’t those two share a border?
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      i basically considered W Sahara a disputed territory and didnt count any of its borders as part of any other country.
    1. 0
      Yes it does, even if only Burma is shown on the list.
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    I was a bit confused that you counted the UK and Cyprus, but did not count the US and Cuba.
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      Guantanamo is not an overseas territory. Akrotiri & Dhekelia is.

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