100 Largest World Islands


Name the 100 largest islands in the world. No need to type in ‘Island’ for the answers.

Enter guesses above to begin.


  1. Tupinambarana is now a former island, split into four separate ones, according to Wikipedia. How you even found it to put on the list is a small mystery for me. I canĀ“t find it on google maps, or anywhere else.

  2. There’s no time to even attempt to 100% unless you pay, the time limits are too strict. Same thing with not being able to see literally any missed answers. These are features that are fundamental, not premium

      1. ok, I see about the bonuses. That makes it better, but what’s the point of a quiz if you don’t learn anything after. And I see there’s a results page for most missed. Still think basic full results should be free but it’s better than nothing. Sorry for jumping the gun

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