100 Largest Europe Islands


Name the 100 largest islands in Europe. No need to type in ‘Island’ for the answers.

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  1. The usual name for the Croatian island next to Krk is Cres. The island also has an Italian name (Cherso) and a Dalmatian name (Crepsa), but is listed as ‘Crespa’ here. Not much of a problem, because Cres is working too. However, Crespa probably doesn’t exist in any language, so it may be better to consider Cres as the standard here.

    1. Addition: the Italian names are used as the standard for a couple of Croatian islands, here and in the Mediterranean quiz. But not for all of them; it’s 50/50 now. Dugi Otok is a catagory itself; that means ‘Long Island’ and it is listed as ‘Long’. I would say that Croatian islands are internationally better known by their native names, rather than the Italian alternative.

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