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100 Largest Europe Islands


Name the 100 largest islands in Europe. No need to type in ‘Island’ for the answers. These are islands geographically in Europe, so ones outside Europe geographically such as Canaries and Madeira (and French Polynesia and so on) are not included in this quiz.

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9 months ago

I know you didn’t decide this but I’ve always found it weird how Södertörn is classified as an island when we see basically the same thing on a larger scale in Northeastern Sweden, the Torne River splits in Junosuando and doesn’t connect untill it reaches the Gulf of Bothnia, wouldn’t it be an island for the same reason?

9 months ago

can we get a us version

10 months ago

Gotland is never ever spelled Gothland. Not in Swedish, not in English. There is no Island called “Fasta”. It just means mainland. The name is Åland, Fasta Åland, Not Fasta Island. It’s not Majorca, it’s Mallorca. “ll” in Spanish is pronounced as j, but the spelling is ll. Etc etc.

11 months ago

Doesn’t let me do anything, Sylt, Malta, Sardinia, Corsica, Mallorca, Ibiza, Helgoland Isle of Man, none of these were accepted. Must be a bug

4 months ago
Reply to  darin

I have the same problem. I reloaded, saw the markers and typed in “Iceland” and it accepted it. But that was it. Any others were not accepted. Tried it a few times now. Would be great if you could fix it, thanks!

1 year ago

The usual name for the Croatian island next to Krk is Cres. The island also has an Italian name (Cherso) and a Dalmatian name (Crepsa), but is listed as ‘Crespa’ here. Not much of a problem, because Cres is working too. However, Crespa probably doesn’t exist in any language, so it may be better to consider Cres as the standard here.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lukasvds

Addition: the Italian names are used as the standard for a couple of Croatian islands, here and in the Mediterranean quiz. But not for all of them; it’s 50/50 now. Dugi Otok is a catagory itself; that means ‘Long Island’ and it is listed as ‘Long’. I would say that Croatian islands are internationally better known by their native names, rather than the Italian alternative.

1 year ago
Reply to  darin

Alternatives are working well. My suggestion was to use the Croatian names as the standard option in the 10 hardest/missed list.

1 year ago

I assume you don’t accept the 970 m2 Flevopolder in the Netherlands as an island since it is connected with bridges to the mainland?

1 year ago
Reply to  darin

booh 🙂

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