5-Letter Word Guess


In this quiz you are attempting to guess a 5-letter word. All 5-letter words in the top 10,000 English words are valid answers (about 1200 different answers).

Begin by entering any valid 5-letter word (valid means on the TWL scrabble word list) followed by a ‘.’ to submit it – if it doesn’t take that means it’s not a valid 5-letter word. Then, you will be shown that word with each letter color-coded. If the letter is WHITE it does not occur in the answer. If it is YELLOW, it does occur but in a different place. If it is GREEN it is in the correct place. You get 6 guesses to try to come up with 10 different words. Points are as follows:
1-2 guesses: 50 pts
3 guesses: 30 pts
4 guesses: 20 pts
5 guesses: 10 pts
6 guesses: 5 pts

You have 10 minutes to complete 10 words.

Enter word guess followed by a '.'
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  1. There is a problem if you guess two of a letter that is in the puzzle and one of your guesses for the letter is correct and the other is not. It shows the second letter in yellow instead of white.
    Example – If the word is STEAL and guess SHEET, it will show the first E in green and the second E in yellow even though there is no second E.
    Otherwise, very well done.

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