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7-Letter Word Scramble


You will be given a string of 7 unique letters. The object is to come up with as many words (based on the official Scrabble player’s word list) using only the letters (not necessarily all of them) among those you are given. Time bonuses are given for words of at least 8 letters, with longer words getting longer time bonuses. The string you are given is among the 410 possible strings such that there are at a minimum 1000 possible answers. Example: with ‘abelprs’ you can make ‘pearl’, ‘able’, ‘peelers’, and so on. The only rule is you cannot use any letters outside of the 7 you’ve been given. Points are awarded based on the length of the words you form based on the following:
1 – 1pt
2 – 2pts
3 – 3pts
4 – 4pts
5 – 5pts
6 – 7pts
7 – 9pts
8 – 12pts
9 – 16pts
10 – 20pts
11 – 25pts
12 – 30pts
13 – 35pts
14 – 40pts
15 – 50pts

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10 months ago


1 year ago

The word ‘intertitle’ does not work

11 months ago
Reply to  darin

How odd, far more obscure words are in. What’s odder is that undo, undos, undoes are in but not undone!

1 year ago

Some of these strings don’t even allow for words of 11+ letters. So how are you supposed to get a high score when you then can’t earn big points and the time bonuses are too small for shorter words? I appreciate this site but the time factor is the major flaw I see in general. It seems like many times I have to have the processing speed of a computer to reach time milestones and such. For instance, the quiz that asks you to name the most common verbs just doesn’t give enough time bonuses. I always opt for the 5,000 word list and you don’t even get time bonuses for reaching 1,000 verbs or 1,500 verbs. I mean, you do realize there are just a ton of verbs to sort through, right? I’m sorry about my little rant here but it can be extremely frustrating when I play many of these quizzes.

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