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Actors Top 3 Box Office Movies Blackout


Fill in the 25 squares with the top three movies (in terms of domestic box office) for each of the actors in the cells. For example, if you are looking at a cell with ‘Adam Driver’ in it, that cell can be filled in with ‘Star Wars’ as it is one of the 3 highest box office movies he acted in. When a cell is completed it fills in green. Actors count toward movies in which they had an acting credit – including voice acting. 25 actors chosen at random each time from among the top 500 highest domestic box office actors. First two words are accepted for longer titles.

Cells with two answers left will have a very dark green background, those with one answer left more of an evergreen shade, and finally bright green for those which have been completed.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red – they will be the highest grossing movie which qualified in each cell – only one miss will be shown per incomplete cell.

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21 days ago

should Jeff Goldblum not have

Thor Ragnarok
instead of
Guardians vol. 2

Last edited 21 days ago by lolpoptarts182
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