Bible Most Mentioned People


Name the people whose names are most mentioned in the King James Bible. I did not include words such as ‘Christ’ or ‘Lord’ – only actual names. Total mentions and first letter shown. Object is most occurrences, not names.

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    1. Thanks for a fun quiz! I hope you put up more Bible quizzes!

      I’m curious what your source is for these numbers. When I checked them, they disagreed with what Blue Letter Bible (BLB) shows, unless you’re actually counting the number of verses the occurrences appear in (a lower number), then the agreement was better although there were still disagreements. Maybe it’s because we’re using different revisions of the KJV?

      According to BLB: “jeroboam” occurs 102 times in 93 verses in the KJV, “ahab” occurs 93 times in 81 verses in the KJV, “jehoshaphat” occurs 85 times in 76 verses in the KJV.

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