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Canada 100 Cities Locator


Double-click on the location of each of the 100 largest Canadian cities, eh. The closer you click, the more points you get (max 100), eh. Not all points will be right in the heart of the city as they are the geographical centers of the city’s large area.



  1. I think there should be a game note added that the quiz is asking for the geographical centre of the city, not the population centre of the city. Some large cities like Hamilton, Halifax, Cape Breton, and Wood Buffalo, for example, have the markers quite far from where the city core is.

  2. My hometown is St John’s, so when that came up I was excited to drag the map eastward and place it exactly where it should be. But the click to pan the map counted as the click to guess, so I was off by thousands of km on my own hometown. Augh! 🙁

  3. Fixed the scoring so it goes to 100 – did on the other recent location quizzes too. As for the scoring – the quiz actually IS timed, I removed the note saying it wasn’t. Your 10 min probably expired.

    1. No, I know the quiz was timed, but it saved my score after 24 or 25 answers. I didn’t time out until 66 answers (mainly because I didn’t realize it was timed and I was busy typing my first comment), at which point I had around 5,000 points instead of the 1,740 currently listed. Thanks for fixing the scoring though 🙂

  4. I’m glad to have a Canadian version of this, and the ability to zoom is great, but I’m confused about the scoring. For example, on one city I was only 0.3 km off, but that only equalled 78/100 points. I’ve noticed it on a couple of the other locator quizzes that I’ve done so far (France, Africa, USA by state). Also, it saved my score to the high scores about 1/4 of the way through, but didn’t save the final score when the time ran out.

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