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Common Adjective-Noun Pairs Blackout


When you click START you will be shown a table of 25 words. The words on the left in green are 12 of the 100 most common English adjectives. The 13 words in blue on the right are among the 100 most common English nouns. The object is to pair the adjectives with the nouns to guess the most common adjective-noun 2-word pairs. Click on an adjective (green) word first, then a noun (blue word) to pair them up. You will get a score based on how common that word pair is among all possible pairs that can be made with words left on the board. 100 points is for the most common, 0 for the least. You can re-click on a chosen adjective to un-select it.

Please note – you are trying to find the most common word pair among all possible pairs on the board, NOT the most common pairing based on the adjective you chose first.

For example, the adjective ‘federal’ would have a very large number of pairs with the noun ‘government’ as ‘federal government’ is a very common two-word phrase in written English – however ‘federal’ would not be a good pairing with the noun ‘water’ as ‘federal water’ is an exceedingly rare word combination. Word pair commonality is based on total occurrences in the Google books corpus.

You have 5 minutes to complete the quiz and receive a 100 point bonus for completing 12 pairs (leaving one noun left) for a total of 2500 possible points.

Click on most common pair of adjective-noun.
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