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English Most Common Words 10×10 Blackout


The object of this game is to fill all 100 squares in the grid by naming words (among the top 10K English words) which meet the characteristics listed across the top for the first letter of the word shown in the cells. Only words in the top 10K of English words according to the Corpus of Contemporary English are accepted as answers – the word must also be on the TWL06 Scrabble word list, so proper nouns/slang/etc are usually not accepted.

PLEASE NOTE – the word frequency is based on a lemma word list which combines versions of the same word, ie verb tenses, so for example ‘is’ and ‘was’ are under ‘be’ and plural nouns are under the singular.

Double letter refers to the word having any repeating letter, for example ‘book’ or ‘keep.’

For example, if the cell is ‘A’ and the column is ‘Ends In L’ you can enter ‘all.’

First letters and characteristics are randomized each time the game is loaded. Occasionally a cell may not have a qualifying answer in which case it will appear blank and be a gimme.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red. Missed answers will be the most popular word which qualifies for that cell.

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11 months ago

My last box needed a word that started with O and ended with M. Could not think of anything, then it came to me and fireworks went off! (I have a very childish sense of humour)

9 months ago
Reply to  darin

“eat” was not accepted as one of the “top 100 verbs” starting with E. Am I right to comment on that?

9 months ago
Reply to  darin

That makes sense indeed. Thanks!

9 months ago
Reply to  darin

Oh yeah, that makes more sense indeed. Thanks!

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