ESPY Award Winners


Name the winners of the ESPY Awards. I consolidated a couple similarly-named awards over the years, many have been discontinued or only awarded a couple times. I am looking for an individual name in most cases, unless I put (Team) or (Game) or something in the description when it’s not obvious the award is not an individual award. Some hints provided as to the winners. Use last names and for major sports league teams use nicknames if possible. I tried to accept common alternatives. Occasionally the answer is a bowl game (name the bowl) or a series of games (such as ‘NLCS’) in which case answer that.

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  1. let me know of alternatives I should take or any issues, this one was a little more complex to deal with naming of answers…I did leave out a very small number of awards that wouldn’t really be able to be answered without looking it up (i.e. very obscure).

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