Europe 50 Largest Cities By Country


Name the 50 largest cities (10K+ min pop) for each European country before time runs out.  SEE NOTES. NOTES – Only cities of 10K+ POPULATION AND LOCATED ON THE EUROPEAN CONTINENT are included (i.e. no cities on dependent territories not in Europe). Reason for 10K min is less reliable data for many countries below…

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  1. I just played this quiz again and the issue I described before is still happening. At about 58 500-1M cities, I get the bonus even though there are still 5 500-1M cities I have not yet typed in.

  2. I like this quiz, Im from the Netherlands and tried several times to complete the Netherlands. I tried multiple cities from the netherlands but Im not able to figure out number 50.

    Im wondering where you got your information from about the Netherlands, because the city of Venlo isnt in the quiz and I know that city has a population of 100.000 and properbly should be in it

    1. Venlo is both a city and municipality – while the muni has a pop over 100K, the city is only about 35K – data is direct from the Netherlands census site. #50 is Heerhugowaard.

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