Europe Countries Administrative Divisions

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  1. What should I type to get Päijät-Häme and Zakarpattia?? Also when you type Krasnodar it colors Adygea in, but doesn’t give the answer. BTW, what’s the point of including the French Overseas regions (and some other regions that are not in Europe) but not Russian and Turkish regions that are in Asia?

    1. The French Overseas regions, as well as Madeira and Canary Islands, are so few that it would silly the left them out just because they’re outside Europe. The quiz would look incomplete without them. They belong to an European country and that’s it. Russia and Turkey have a lot or regions that stretch beyond the usual Huge Quiz Europe/Asia division. That’s how I see it anyway.

      1. Now if I type “Paijat Hame” it only gives the northeastern part of the region, the other 2 parts are still left blank. Also you’ve got another error in Finland – Varsinais-Suomi and Kanta-Häme both don’t work (neither do Southwest Finland or Finland Proper), but if you type Tavastia Proper it gives you both regions

  2. I can get the map to load, but I can’t get the quiz to really start. I’ve entered divisions that I know to exist, but nothing registers, and the counter sits at 0/0, despite the clock counting up.

    1. you’ll have to try reloading it – and hold CTRL when clicking refresh. it probably didn’t load all the line data, and there’s well over 50MB of it. if it loads correctly you’ll see the outlines of all divisions and the counters will have numbers before you even start (i.e. 0/752 for divisions).

  3. i tried to use the most current divisions of each country, however for some i was unable to find a file with the current outlines – example is Denmark which i used previous counties instead of the current regions.

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