US 25 Mile Population Challenge

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In 15 minutes name the US cities of 25K+ population trying to get the highest population. Population will only count when all other 25K cities within 25 miles are guessed.

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Quiz Updated: 8-2-2015

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    can you please do this same quiz with unlimited time?
    1. 0
      then it just becomes naming all cities and taking as long as you want to do it…this type of quiz needs a time limit.
      1. 0
        the problem is that it’s almost impossible to get major metros. 2 things that would help this quiz 1. is being able to zoom in (to know what cities are missing it’s almost impossible to figure out what cities are missed in major metros) 2. time bonuses for every 10 million people
        1. 0
          Really, it’s all about strategy… don’t go for metros like LA and Chicago, it won’t probably pay off. This is as much as knowing cities as it is knowing where to place your bets on the map. It can take you some plays to realise the best path to a good score. The limited zoom has to do with labels start showing up.
        2. 0
          10 million? That’s a little high. Look at the scoreboard. Only about 20 people have gotten above 20 million. I’d go with either every 5 million or every 7.5 million for population and every 50 cities. That way, people would have a better chance.
          1. 0
            Correction: 40 people have gotten to 20 million. A bonus every 7.5 million makes a lot of sense, but every 5 million would be slightly better. 64 people got above 15 million.
            1. 0
              7.5 million is the answer. 50 people have gotten 20 million, but only 32 have gotten 22.5 million. That’s a big drop-off right there. A two minute bonus every 7.5 million people would be the best option.
    2. 0
      Limited time is what gives this quiz its strategic element because you have to balance between cleaning high populated areas but taking more time (and knowledge) and cleaning lower population areas but faster.
      1. 0
        I think that 20 minutes would be better for this quiz, to give people a better chance at clearing midsize metros (Phoenix, Indianapolis, Orlando, Nashville, Louisville, Columbus {OH}, Milwaukee, etc.).
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    This quiz could use an update with the most recent population data. Odessa, TX is listed as under 100,000 on this quiz, for example.
  3. 0
    Darin, please adjust the 50 Missed to the 50 cities with the highest percentage that someone missed instead of the 50 LARGEST cities that were missed, please.
  4. 0
    …and finally, somebody clears Miami (and FORTY-SEVEN other Florida cities)!

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