World Bordering Country Challenge

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Type a country which has a land border (any land border excluding a man-made structure) with another country (there are 160 such countries). When entered, that country and any bordering countries will fill in. Try to fill in all 160 countries in as few guesses as possible. NAMING NOTES: typically just enter the most common English name. Due to the way this quiz is made NO ALTERNATE NAMES are accepted – so use the following for these countries: Burma, CAR, Congo, Cote dIvoire, DRC, East Timor, UAE, United Kingdom, US, Vatican. Also for Guinea and Niger, type a ‘.’ after them to submit (to avoid answering Guinea Bissau and Nigeria). Also note I did not include Western Sahara as part of any country.

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  1. 0
    Why is Cyprus the only island nation required?
    1. 0
      it has a border with another country on its island.
      1. 0
        Officially, two countries, as one has a military base there. Technically, it’s three, but only one country recognizes it.
  2. 1
    I pride myself on knowing some geography, but I clearly did not complete this in twelve steps; I started, had to walk away, my computer went to sleep, and voila!: I’ve done the impossible.
  3. 0
    Since you’ve excluded man-made structures, I don’t think Singapore has any land borders with Malaysia. Are you taking the causeway into account?
    1. 0
      Ok, I guess so… you also have Bahrain having a border with Saudi Arabia. They’re both land borders but also man-made. I guess by man-made structure you mean bridges and tunnels only.
    2. 0
      yes I include artificial land borders where the border isn’t on a structure.
  4. 0
    Liechtenstein doesn’t show up when I type switzerland
    1. 1
      it’s counted, it’s just not visible as a separate border.

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