IMDB Most Popular Black & White Movies Since 1970


Name the most popular movies in terms of IMDB votes (min 1K votes) as-of mid-September 2015 which were filmed entirely in black and white and released from 1970 onward (there is a big drop-off in b&w films after the 60’s so that is why I chose 1970). First two words suffice for longer titles. Total votes and year shown.

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  1. Not sure if it would count, but ‘In Search of a Midnight Kiss’ was definitely originally in black and white and released that way in the UK (I remember in the Q&A when I saw it at a festival the director saying something about the distributors wanting to colourise it for release in the US though, so maybe it doesn’t countfor that reason). I also thought ‘Somer’s Town’ was entirely black and white but it is a while since I saw it.

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