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IMDB Top 25 Votes By Genre


Name the movies with the top 25 IMDB votes by genre. First two words accepted for longer titles. Total votes, year and first letter of movie title shown, or ‘A’, ‘An’, or ‘The’ if it begins with an article, or ‘#’ if with a number. Movie included in a genre if IMDB has it listed as that genre even if included with another genre or two – IMDB lists a max of three genres per film.

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10 years ago

Comedy seemed to have ones that aren’t – casino royale for one

10 years ago
Reply to  frLynn19

what? that torture scene with him tied to the chair. Hilarious.

9 years ago
Reply to  pmc8301

Isn’t it the old version of Casino Royale with David Niven as Bond? I believe it’s more of a spoof, and thus a comedy.

10 years ago

Sometimes I hate that “first two words” thing because one actually needs to enter two words for titles which would have otherwise been accepted as one word titles.

10 years ago

I can only see the Action genre, plus the 10 Hardest and 10 Missing. Other genres still accept answers… I just can’t see them 🙂

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