Bones Of The Human Body

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Name the 206 bones of the human body (120 different names). You typically need the actual name of the bone, not a more commonly known name. Object is most bones not different bones (i.e. paired bones count as 2).

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Quiz Creation Date: 11-4-2015

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    The first vowel of bone #88 should be an “i”, not an “a”. Also, please consider accepting the names of the three (paired) bones that make up the pelvic girdle, or at least “pelvis” — I felt very silly when I finally figured out what you were using.
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      fixing #88 – the actual single bone is called that however, so i’m going to leave as-is, as its count toward the total is only one. pelvis is a distinct structure.
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    I knew being an archaeologist would eventually help me at /something/ in life! Bone 88 has two commonly used names, one of which ends in -tral rather than -trum. It’d be helpful if you could add it!

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