MLB All Opening Day Lineups

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  1. Thanks for adding this quiz. I would suggest adding a second pull-down by year would be helpful. I know line-ups by time much better than by team and trying to navigate to find the 1968 line-ups is WAY too slow to use that approach. Actually, I’m advocating for the design of the original quiz on Sporcle … two pulls downs … one for team … and one for year … .much easier to navigate around. Thanks!

  2. anyway for more time bonuses, the older version of this quiz gave much more time (think it was a minute) per team, which I guess would still be halfed for some of us, but still much more workable. the other bonuses for numbers were better.

      1. maybe if you don’t get the extra time bonus.

        just transferring from page to page takes off a few seconds, If I want to transfer from the teams i know best it I can spend more than the 10 seconds to go from the bottom to the top alone

        1. Agree. It can easily take more than ten seconds to enter a team, with the pauses for common names, or having to re-enter a name if the first portion of a name is included (such as typing Richard and Richards just to get to Richardson). The scrolling between franchises and guessing what years are in a given range also can eat up more time than the limited team bonuses are worth.

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