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MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL Franchises Past & Present


The maps displays all present and past franchises team names for all US/Canada franchises in MLB, NBA/ABA/BAA, NFL & NHL/WHA. Name the *full* team names for each marker. Anytime a team simply changed its nickname there is a new marker showing that – markers are in order for each location left-to-right by descending final year of that team. ‘Current’ refers to past and present team names of current franchises. MLB includes Federal/Players leagues & Union/Amer Associations, but NOT National Association. NFL includes AFL/AAFC/APFA since 1920. You must write the full team name as there are many duplicates for the nickname. Some city abbreviations such as ‘KC’, ‘LA’ and ‘NY’ are allowed. You can zoom in to see the individual markers more clearly.

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7 months ago

This is a favorite (and very tough quiz, given the history).

FYI, it might be helpful to add some additional markers for multi-city teams. You have both Memphis and Nashville for the Tennessee Oilers, and both Greenville and Charlotte for the Carolina Panthers. The Kansas City-Omaha Kings played in both cities, so a marker in Omaha might be good. Also, the Texas Chaparrals played in Dallas, San Antonio, and Lubbock, so maybe add markers for those cities?

2 years ago

Oh yeah… i should’ve suggested that the WNBA also be in this quiz…

3 years ago

With the announcement today that MLB is going to recognize the Negro Leagues as a major league, will those teams be added in the future?

3 days ago
Reply to  darin

They are now recognized and their stats included in the Major League counts.

3 years ago

This is an awesome quiz – would be cool to have separate editions for each league

3 years ago

Couldn’t type fast enough. I’ll try again later.

4 years ago

Didn’t realize WHA teams were included until the last second.

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