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12/5/2017 – Here’s an update on the upcoming relaunch.
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Name the movies with the top 25 IMDB votes by genre. First two words accepted for longer titles. I tried to accept some alternative names, and sequels will fill in for the first movie in the series if the first movie is also in the answers. Total votes as-of mid-July 2015, year and first letter of movie title shown, or “A”, “An”, or “The” if it begins with an article, or “#” if with a number. Movie included in a genre if IMDB has it listed as that genre even if included with another genre or two – IMDB lists a max of three genres per film.

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Quiz Updated: 7-31-2015

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    “25 Missed” only shows #1 and #11. Also, before the update, you could play the quiz without displaying any of the genres. I used to do that to avoid getting any hints at all. But since the update, Action displays automatically.
    1. 0
      should be fixed now – and sorry, all these new quizzes will show the hints if they haven’t been clicked and a guess is entered…you’ll have to look down or something :)
      1. 0
        Ha, I guess I can handle that. It’s still messing up 25 missed, though. Maybe it’s a problem with chrome?
        1. 0
          it’s working fine for me with Chrome. try refreshing this page while holding down CTRL, you may still be loading a cached version of the non-working quiz.
          1. 0
            This is still an issue for me, despite refreshing while holding down CTRL. Two other things: entering “rocky” does not give you credit for “rocky v”; and “edge of tomorrow” is not listed as a mystery on IMDB (just action, adventure, sci-fi).
            1. 0
              will fix Rocky V – Edge of Tomorrow did have mystery when I pulled the data, maybe they occasionally reclassify things on there.

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