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NBA Stats By Team Blackout – 2020’s


The object of this game is to fill all 25 squares in the grid by naming players who had the highest of each stat in the column for each team in the cell since the 2020-21 season. You MUST enter full player names, last names won’t cut it (makes it a bit too easy). Guessing the player with the highest number for that stat for that team will result in 100 points – points decrease from there based on the % of that stat compared to the player with the most.

Naming a player who appears more than once in the grid will generate the highest scoring result first – you can then rename the player if you want and the next-highest score will display, and so on.

Teams and stats are randomized each time quiz is loaded.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red. Missed answers will be the player with the highest number for that stat for that team since 2020.

Enter guesses above to begin.
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24 days ago

cool quiz, even more fun if you cant do repeats

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