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NCAA FCS Schools


Name the NCAA schools which compete as part of the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision – previous known as Division I-AA). You can mouseover the markers to see the conference and how many are left for that conference.

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1 year ago

Glad to see this updated. One thing I noticed was that the ampersand in Texas A&M Commerce worked properly and including it was the only way to get the answer accepted, while this was not updated for answers such as Alabama A&M that were already in the quiz. Could this be changed?

While you’re at it I would also some shorthand and abbreviations that should be fine for these quizzes such as Chattanooga or UT Chattanooga for Tennessee Chattanooga, MVSU for Mississippi Valley State, etc. – one place to check the names actually used in football to refer to these schools/teams would be the NCAA website.

6 years ago

Omg the last one (in NY state) took me 3 full minutes but I got it!

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