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Oscar Nominated Actors & Actresses 10×10 Blackout (Premium Only)


Fill in the 100 squares with any actors nominated for a best acting Oscar (Best Actor/Actress or Best Supporting Actor/Actress) based on the categories in the top row and the year of the nomination’s film (so generally the year before the ceremony) given in the cell. For example, if you are looking at a cell with ‘2000-04’ in its row, and ‘Starts With D’ in the column, that cell can be filled in with ‘Denzel Washington.’ You MUST enter full actor/actress names, otherwise it becomes a little too easy.

Columns mean that column must have happened during that time period, except for ‘Total Nominations’ columns, which count the total nominations during that actor’s entire career (but they must have had at least one nomination during the time period in the cell).

Occasionally a cell may not have a qualifying answer, in which case it will appear blank and be a gimme.

This quiz is only available to Premium members.

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4 months ago

Update with this year’s nominees/winners?

10 months ago

I think Lady Gaga should be eligible for the 2015-2019 bracket (she was nommed for Actress for A Star Is Born), but I attempted both her stage and personal name (Stefani Germanotta) and it didn’t come up. Was this a me thing or is she not included for some reason?

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