Premier League Blackout


The object of this game is to fill all 25 squares in the grid by naming players who meet the qualifications listed across the top for the clubs listed in the cells. Only full names are accepted (or just single names if the player is more commonly known that way). This quiz only uses players with at least one appearance for each franchise.

Stats along the top are only FOR THAT CLUB and FOR THE PLAYER’S CAREER (i.e. not an individual season, that player’s entire career with that club). So if the top line has ‘100-199 Apps’ and the cell shows ‘MCI’ you are looking for players who had 100-199 appearances for Man City during their entire time with Man City. ‘First Name Starts With’ and ‘Last Name Starts With’ both refer to just the single name if a player is commonly referred to by a single name.

Clubs and stats are randomized each time quiz is loaded. Occasionally a cell may not have a qualifying answer in which case it will appear blank and be a gimme.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red. Missed answers will be the player with the most appearances for that club who qualifies for that cell.

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