RIAA 5+ Platinum Bands Frontmen


Name the frontmen (and women) of bands with at least 5 RIAA album certifications. I am looking for the most well-known frontman/woman – occasionally I accept multiple answers for one band. But a frontman/woman who has barely been with the band is typically not counted. Band and total RIAA certifications shown. I didn’t include bands where frontman’s name is in the name of the band (i.e. Bon Jovi). I also didn’t include bands that didn’t have a designated ‘frontman’ but rather split vocals among multiple members typically (i.e. Fleetwood Mac).

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  1. if there are any frontmen/women missing who were the lead for a significant amount of the band’s time, let me know. please refer to directions for some notes regarding who I accepted. If I add them I will delete your comment.

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