RIAA All Certified Artists By Letter – Choose Letter


First choose any letter A-Z (or ‘#’ for artists beginning with a number). Then, name all artists beginning with that letter (or a number for ‘#’) trying to accumulate the most total album certifications (gold = 0.5, platinum = 1 per platinum certification). Artists sorted by first name if they are named by first-last name. Last names are accepted for their answers though. Artists beginning with ‘The’ have leading ‘The’ removed to determine their letter. Total certs, certified albums, and ‘(The)’ for artists beginning with ‘The’ shown.

Enter letter A-Z (or '#' for number) to begin.
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  1. please note: i went with the artist’s spelling as found on the RIAA website. therefore some artists you may know as having ‘The’ leading their name may not, and some with leading numbers may have the numbers spelled out and therefore listed under the starting letter of the spelled-out number.

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