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Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs Lyrics


name all the lyrics in all the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs. Plurals, possessives, etc are separate words. Typically, hyphenated words in the lyrics are counted as one word. Numbers are spelled out. Obviously lyrics and sounds can differ on lyrics sites, I made some adjustments to errors I spotted or added alternative spellings, etc. Clicking on a song will show the lyrics, left to right, top to bottom.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed lyrics in red after the quiz is over.

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2 years ago

Rolling Stone just dropped an updated list with a drastically different Top 100 songs. Do you think it’s more likely you’ll update this quiz and other quizzes based on this or create separate, new quizzes alongside these ones?

2 years ago
Reply to  darin

More time bonuses would greatly help too! It doesn’t seem possible as it is! Didn’t there used to be song bonuses?

3 years ago

I noticed that the song bonuses are back on the beatles lyrics which helps that quiz greatly. Would it be possible to add them back to this quiz as well?

5 years ago

If song bonuses aren’t going to work, could you just add more time at the beginning or add more for word bonuses? It takes almost the whole 20 minutes to type in 500 words and only getting a 7 minute bonus makes this quiz impossible

5 years ago

Any progress on song bonuses my friend?

5 years ago

Would love to get the song bonuses back, hard to get through more than ten songs or so.

5 years ago

surely the lyric in blowin in the wind is “before she sleeps in THE sand”? Confused

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