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First choose a country by typing it in and choosing from the drop-down box. Then, name all the clubs since 1955-56 who have appeared in UEFA/European Cup competition for that country trying to accumulate the most points. Try to use the common club names, avoiding abbreviations such as ‘FC’, ‘FK’, ‘ASC’, etc. You may need more than just the city if there are multiple clubs from that city. Total points along with number of titles won if any. Sorted by points then by name A-Z.

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      1. #6 came into existence in 1972 through the merger of two clubs. One of these original clubs participated in the European Cup, and I assume these matches have been counted under #6. However, this original club still exists (while #6 lasted 10 years and disbanded 1982), and the records of the pre-1972 matches still belong to them and not #6.

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