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UEFA Champions League Image Blackout


You get 5 minutes to identify as many UEFA Champions League players (since 1992-93 season) as you can from their image. All players displayed have at least 5 goals in Champions League play. Upon clicking start, you will be given a player’s name on top of the table of 25 photos. Double-click on that player to choose them. If you guess correctly, it will add toward your total and that player will be removed and the players will shift with a new one being added in the bottom right. If you guess incorrectly, you are penalized 5 seconds and the player you click on is still removed and the players shift with a new one being added.

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6 months ago

The fact that many of the pictures are of players as civil or coaches, and many of the pictures are players playing for a club that has never played in the Champions League, is nonsensical.

6 months ago

An old person must have done this. half of the players are >50 yo

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