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  1. There need to be a lot more time bonuses for this. Or at least tell us what the criteria are for getting the time bonuses. But even better would be to just add more of them. My strategy for quizzes like these is to start at one corner of the map and then gradually sweep my way across, thus ignoring both place names and population, and it seems like that doesn’t lend itself to getting any of the current time bonuses.

  2. I really like the fact that Portland gives you two different areas and think that you should have that going for Augusta (GA-SC/ME) Charleston (SC/WV), Columbia (MO/SC), Rochester (MN/NY) and especially Springfield (IL/MA/MO and possibly OH and OR as well).

  3. New York seems to be missing Parsippany, South Brunswick, Belleville, Bloomfield, South Orange in New Jersey and maybe others. They did not register even if I double-checked and re-typed them.

  4. Boston is missing a lot of towns (and I suspect it isn’t the only one).

    Also, including CDPs really kind of ruins this for me. I liked these sorts of quizzes a lot better when you only included incorporated places.

      1. Boston is still missing a lot of towns. I tried Mattapoisett, Marion, Wareham, and Carver, and none of them were accepted. There’s clearly a lot of towns missing in the outer suburbs to the north and west as well.

          1. Since the entire state is completely incorporated, there should be cities and towns from top to bottom in the surrounding Boston area, like it would be on a normal cities of Massachusetts quiz. Currently, only certain CDPs and villages like “Littleton Common” in the metro area are showing up, while a majority of towns, Littleton, North Andover, Natick, etc that fall within the metro area are not on the quiz.

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