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    1. it’s an unincorporated town. most states I’m just including incorporated places, towns are included in some eastern states where their status is closer to an incorporated place, ie New York and Mass.

      1. Yes, understand that of course. I knew for sure Berkeley Springs wasn’t unincorporated, but now I just learned “Berkeley Springs” is actually the alternate name for the town, which is in this quiz. I’d love to know where you figured that out, or your source, because it took a while of searching on Wikipedia to figure that out.

  1. This may be a tall order, but would there be any possible way to make a “no maps” version of this quiz? Sort of like how the US All Places (No Maps) quiz is except you can choose to focus on one individual state.

  2. Got down to 2 in Nebraska (yeah, I used google maps for the last 10% or so, it was still fun to remember some of the small towns I’d driven through, and I won’t be doing that for any other states), and was sure you’d misspelled them. Turns out I wasn’t using the official names, as you were. Only found out after checking wikipedia for the towns. I had even stayed in one town that my college roommate was from, and it was a totally different name than what he used, and what maps show. Oh well.

  3. There are 566 municipalities in New Jersey. Sorry – no one can know all 566 of them with the smallest being less than 20 people. I grew up in this state and in 50+ years have traveled all over it but still haven’t been in many of the towns especially in south and west Jersey.

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