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US Cities Word Guess


In this quiz you are attempting to guess a 5, 6 or 7-letter US city. All US cities with 5-7 letters and a population of at least 50,000 are included (about 280 cities). Spaces are not treated as letters, so a few cities will be two words (only a few 7-letter cities, no 5 or 6-letter ones are two words).

Begin by entering any valid (based on the number of spaces shown) 5-7 letter city name (so a city name of the length of the answer that has at least 50K people) followed by a ‘.’ to submit it – if it doesn’t take that means it’s not a valid city name of that length. Then, you will be shown that city name with each letter color-coded. If the letter is WHITE it does not occur in the answer. If it is YELLOW, it does occur but in a different place. If it is GREEN it is in the correct place. You get 6 guesses to try to come up with 10 different words. Points are as follows:
1-2 guesses: 50 pts
3 guesses: 30 pts
4 guesses: 20 pts
5 guesses: 10 pts
6 guesses: 5 pts

You have 10 minutes to complete 10 cities.

Enter word guess followed by a '.'
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