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US State Drawing Challenge


Time for you to show what you’ve really got. You’ll be freehand drawing the 48 contiguous states (49 drawings in total, as the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan are separate in this quiz). When the quiz loads on the right side you will be told which state to draw. To begin drawing a state, click Draw or right-click anywhere in the map to enter drawing mode. Click and drag the mouse to make an outline of the state. Release the mouse to ‘close’ the state and it will appear green. If happy and ready to submit, click submit or double-click the drawn state. Click erase or right-click the state to erase it and try again. You may have to wait a few moments for your score on larger states.

You are only drawing the main portion of each state – do not worry about any disjointed islands, etc.

When you submit a state you are scored on the % of your state which contains the actual state (shown as ‘% In State’) and the % of the actual state contained in your state (shown as ‘% Of State’). These average out to create your points for that state.

Complete all states or click End Quiz at any time to save your score. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your beautifully drawn United States!

hugequiz Premium members will see the actual outlines of the states when the quiz is over.

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A streak version of this quiz: US State Drawing Challenge Streak

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13 days ago

wish I could draw Maryland better

13 days ago

3818 placed 183

23 days ago

After a couple attempts I’m back on the leaderboard with a 4594! Top 10 for now

My first state was Nebraska, and that was my second worst state after Maryland. Got 90+ on all but 6 states (MD, NE, SC, DE, OK, NC)
Oklahoma is a hard one to place, the panhandle needs a lot of precision

Last edited 23 days ago by stay42
20 days ago
Reply to  stay42

how does everyone manage to get such a high score. On my other account I only got 3553

13 days ago
Reply to  stay42


1 month ago

After about 5 attemps and a little bit of studying I hit 4690, a score that i’m pretty proud of!

1 month ago

Had a decent run before quiz seemed to time-out about half way through. Is it timed? Anyone else encounter this issue?

2702 through 29 states completed.

1 month ago
Reply to  darin

Makes sense, I was being unnecessarily meticulous. Thanks for the quick reply!

2 months ago

I am a mobile player and it does not work. Can you fix this issue where it doesn’t accept the draw mode?

2 months ago

3553 placed 141

2 months ago

so many landlocked states

2 months ago
Reply to  IranianIdiot

Rivers are very useful though!

And i was able to zoom in and find the four corners monument – very very helpful for those states

3 months ago

good quiz, but i have a few problems

You can’t skip, if i get the most landlocked states i have to just completely approximate the location instead of skipping to the coastal and easier ones first

You have to draw the entire borders, from all sides, all at once. Stopping and lifting your finger just messed the whole thing up, and i am unlucky enough to be playing this quiz with very unsteady hands combined with a short attention span on a Laptop trackpad
this also the case with Europe
This would be a great and fun quiz since my fav subject is Geography, if it wasn’t for these problems.

Last edited 3 months ago by seleneel
13 days ago
Reply to  seleneel

I usually open another quiz in another tab. The one I use is the “US states” quiz and find the approximate location

5 months ago

I really love the idea, but I keep misclicking and end up ruining the map.comment image

5 months ago

My Vermont aligned almost perfectly with the actual New Hampshire

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