Village Voice Pazz & Jop Top 40 Albums


Name the top 40 (or less pre-1979) albums according to the annual Village Voice Pazz & Jop survey since 1971 (no list in 72 & 73). Total points and artist shown. First two words accepted for longer titles.

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  1. Darkness on the Edge of Town (that’s got to be the Springsteen from 78, right?) doesn’t work. Also, I don’t think there’s enough (any?) time bonuses – I assume you get them for knowing every album from a year, but that’s tough to do. There should at least be some other bonuses – for identifying each number 1, for instance, or some general “100 albums” or “200 albums” bonuses. Even trying to get all the top 3 is really hard in the time.

      1. Yeah, that’s really helpful. Now I end up giving up because I’ve run out of things I know, rather than racing the clock. Another error – Janet Jackson’s 1986 album is “Control”. (Nasty was the name of the lead single).

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