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Words By Infrequency Blackout


The object of this game is to fill all 25 squares in the grid by naming words (see NAMING NOTE below) whose letter starts with the letter in the cell and qualify based on the column title. Guessing the LEAST common word which qualifies for a cell will result in 100 points – points decrease from there based on how more frequent the word you guessed is compared to the least frequent. For example, if the cell contains the letter ‘C’ and the column is titled ‘Last Letter Y’ – the most common word for 1 point would be ‘city’ – any other word starting with C and ending in Y will be closer to 100 points depending on how less frequent it is than ‘city.’

NAMING NOTE: Words must be at least 3 letters. You must end each word with a ‘.’ (period) to submit it, to prevent entering a shorter word than the word you meant to enter. Words must be in the Scrabble TWL06 word list and in the top 300K of the Google Trillion Word Corpus. This corpus is ALL words and not a lemma corpus, so for example ‘was’ is not part of ‘be’ and plural words are counted separately.

Naming a word which appears more than once in the grid will generate the highest scoring result first – you can then use the word again if you want and the next-highest score will display, and so on. Occasionally there may be no qualifying words – in that case the grid square will be blank and not counted toward your final score average.

Cell categories are randomized each time quiz is loaded.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red. Missed answers will be the word with the highest frequency qualifying for that cell.

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3 days ago

Is the goal to get the lowest score or the highest score? I was interpreting lowest meaning most infrequent, but the ranking seems by highest, so now I can’t tell if I played backwards.

5 days ago

This is brutal!

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