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World Countries In Alphabetical Order


The object of this quiz is to name (see naming note below) the countries of the World in alphabetical order. Naming a country that isn’t the next answer will count as a ‘strike’ against you. 3 strikes, you’re out. Country names are commonly-used names, not longer more official names – i.e. Micronesia instead of Federated States of Micronesia. ‘St’ is not used as an abbreviation for ‘Saint’ in country names for the purpose of alphabetizing.

NAMING NOTE: To name a country, type in the country name followed by a ‘.’ – i.e. ‘France.’ Abbreviations for countries ARE NOT used when determining alphabetical order (i.e. DRC, CAR, UAE), however they CAN be used to answer the country (still with the period at the end, i.e. ‘US.’). Leading ‘The’ on a couple countries also omitted for this quiz. The following are the names used in this quiz for purpose of alphabetizing for countries that have multiple names:

Cabo Verde
Cote d’Ivoire
Republic of the Congo

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9 months ago

A slight change of concept would probably make this quiz accessible for more people. The rule could be that you have to guess countries in alphabetical order, but you can skip as many countries as you want/need to. For example: if you start with Algeria, you can’t go back to Afghanistan, but you can go on with Armenia. And after Armenia, you can’t guess Angola anymore, but you can go on with Barbados. One point for each country, so the more you skip, the less points. At least for me the quiz would be fun that way, while the current quiz isn’t really that fun because alphabetical order is not my way to remember countries of the world, so I would be out very quickly.

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