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Name the albums which have had reached #1 on the Billboard 200 since the list was consolidated into its present format in August, 1963. Week of appearance, artist, and # of weeks if more than one shown. Non-consecutive appearances are shown separately. First two words accepted for longer album titles. For soundtracks, name the film. Object is most total weeks, not albums.

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Quiz Creation Date: 7-7-2015

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    Great quiz! There are a couple of things I spotted. there’s a 2005 Jay-Z album stuck between Men at Work and John Cougar in 1982. Also, it would not take Synchronicity, which I’m guessing is the Police album from 1983. Typo in there somewhere, maybe?
    1. 0
      ahh…a few mixed up dates – fixing now.
  2. 0
    Synchronicity still doesn’t seem to work.
  3. 0
    Snoop Dogg – ‘Doggystyle’ Backstreet Boys – ‘Millennium’ NWA – ‘Efil4zaggin’
    1. 0
      fixing these – were typos..thanks.
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    Hair doesnt seem to work for the cast album in 1969, also I can’t seem to get Fulfillingness’ First Finale to work
  5. 0
    Thriller spent a total of 37 weeks at #1, not 35. You have 17 + 1 + 17 for the three different times at #1, which makes 35 weeks. As I said, Thriller spent a total of 37 weeks at #1, so you’re missing two weeks.

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