English Homophones

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  1. I imagine that a bunch of homophones that I’m not finding are because of regional accent differences, i.e. ant/aunt are homophones to me while cot/caught are not, but it’s the opposite for my cousins who grew up in a different state. However, there were some that I was surprised not to find, like banned/band, ate/eight, do with dew/due. Is this a case of regional differences that I am unaware of?

    1. i suspect the source didn’t have *every* single homophone on it…i know contractions i left out as they are not on the TWL06 word list. and yes some are judgment calls with pronounciation. i will add the ones people mentioned here that weren’t included.

  2. There were a few others missing—some because of the nature of the source (so, “can’t” and “cant”, or “why” and “Y”), but there were a few others I expected to be there but didn’t find (and now can’t remember, sigh).

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