Europe Functional Urban Areas (FUAs)


Name all of the current Functional Urban Areas as defined by the EU as “being composed of a city and its commuting zone, FUAs encompass the economic and functional extent of cities based on daily people‚Äôs movements.” FUAs are generally named after cities, but are occasionally named for regions/counties/local government areas/etc. If a FUA is named after more than one location, any of the locations is accepted as an answer.

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  1. Hmm whats the Ruhr area called here? I tried the various big cities, Ruhr, Ruhr area, Ruhr valley, Lower Rhine, Rhine Ruhr, Rhein Ruhr but none of those worked. I think Ruhr / Ruhr area / Ruhr valley are pretty common.

  2. Birmingham should probably be accepted for West Midlands, and “Lisbon” as an alt spelling to “Lisboa.” Couldn’t get Ljubljana either, not sure if I had misspelled it twice or if I’m missing an alt spelling?

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