FIFA World Cup All Goal Scorers


Using last names (or most common in some cases), name all the goalscorers in the history of the World Cup. Object is most total goals, not players.

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  1. I am a big fan of this quiz, and thanks a lot for making it. However, I also observe how it has been evolving over time, and I find the evolution really disappointing. At first, you had all the players who scored the same amount of goals sorted alphabetically. It was fun, because you could come up with some forgotten names by looking at the neighboring names and figuring out the first letter or two of the name you are missing. Then, you made the sorting first by countries and then by names, which took away a lot of fun, yet sorting was still somewhat useful. Now you’ve made sorting basically random, and all of this is gone. The second issue is time. Before, there were bonuses for each completed country. Yes, giving minutes for entering just one player from Angola, Israel or Iraq was too much, probably even for four names from Ukraine, but a reward for knowing 20+ players from Spain, Argentina, England, etc. was fair. Now you have bonuses for just three countries (I wonder what percentage of quiz players get the one for Germany?). With all of that, with my full profile and maximum possible time allowance, I now cannot make even 70% of what I used to have before, even with the recent world cup extra 170 goals. I am just giving up on that quiz.

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