IMDB Most Popular Movies By Decade By Genre


Name the movie with the most IMDB votes as-of mid-July 2015 from each decade which contains each genre in its IMDB list of genres (IMDB lists at most 3 per film). For example, for 2000’s, the ‘Action’ movie is the film with the most votes from 2000-09 which has ‘Action’ in its genre list. Genre, first letter (or ‘#’ for if it begins with a number, ‘A’ or ‘The’ if with an article), and total votes shown. First two words accepted for longer titles.

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  1. Any chance of getting a quiz like this, but by year instead of decade? The concept is cool. Or a version that only counts that first listed genre (so, in other words, for example, the Dark Knight would only show up as “Action” instead of “Action, Crime, and Drama”? Just some ways to get more movies into the mix. Thanks!

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