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Name all the people (who are newsworthy – occasionally everyday citizens are on the cover and were not included) who’ve been on a Time cover (US issue) since its inception thru August 2015 trying to obtain the most covers. The person must be named or displayed in a somewhat prominent way on the main area of the cover – illustrations included. ‘*’ denotes those who have been Man/Person of the Year. Full names may be required for any non-human answer or those known more commonly without a last name. Royalty/Popes should be named using Roman Numerals (if necessary), or title and location, i.e. “King Bob III,” “Prince of Hugequiz” or “Lord Hugequiz.” Music groups are counted as one answer and should be answered with the name of the group, not individual members. Choose ‘All’ from the ‘Cat’ list to see all answers, or choose from a category for their occupation. Please note you will have to have chosen a range in the left hand box as well – so when choosing ‘Arts’ you must choose ‘1-50’ on the left as there are less than 50 Arts answers.

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Quiz Updated: 8-23-2015

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    The quiz wouldn’t take Oswald Mosley (March 16, 1931), Rev. James Edward Freeman (May 9, 1932), Lauritz Melchior (January 22, 1940), Pietro Badoglio (June 24, 1940), Claude Auchinleck (December 1, 1941), Gustaf VI Adolf (May 31, 1943), John Patterson (June 2, 1961), Yevgeny Yevtushenko (April 13, 1962), Pavel Popovich (August 24, 1962), Nguyen Khanh (August 7, 1964), George Shultz (August 16, 1971), Princess Margrethe of Denmark (May 3, 1976), Linda Rondstadt (February 28, 1977), Hua Kuo-feng/Su Zhu (August 8, 1977), Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (August 8, 1977), Stansfield Turner (February 6, 1978), Rene Levesque (February 13, 1978), Joseph Louis Bernardin (November 22, 1982), Daniel Ortega (March 31, 1986), or Michael Milken (February 26, 1990).
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      Fixed these – ‘Rondstandt’ is spelled ‘Ronstadt’ – Turner was working, the rest I had misspellings or other names, these should all be good shortly when I update it.
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    Note: this quiz now totals covers not people, so the high scores should get topped pretty quickly.

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