US Presidents, VP’s & Cabinet Members

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Using last names, name the Presidents, VP’s, Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury, and Attorneys General of the United States. Date entered office shown, along with party (for Pres & VP), president (for State/Defense) or state (for AG/Sec of Treasury). Some equivalents are used for offices before they were titled as they are now (i.e. Defense was Secretary of War). Acting officials are also included (prior to appointment or after a resignation).

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Quiz creation date: 4-18-2014
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    The hints for the Secretary of State/ Defense categories effectively give away the Presidents category.
    1. 0
      yeah…gonna leave it though, if people are gonna look up the presidents they’re going to anyhow.
  2. 1
    I wish you wouldn’t make us give the acting secretaries. It’d be more interesting to include lesser cabinet posts than to have us guess what clerk in the War Department served as acting Secretary of War for a day in 1843.
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    Pretty sure Eric Holder is mistakenly listed as Atty General twice…he was Deputy AG under Clinton, never held the full office.
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      he was acting AG for a short time under Clinton.

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