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Olympic Sports


Name all Olympic sports in the IOC-sanctioned Olympic games. Total number of participants shown. (DC) denotes a discontinued event. ‘New’ means the event is new for the upcoming Tokyo games. Some events are broken down into sub-events, these are denoted with a ‘*’ – you must name the type of that event. For example, if Chess were an event it may be broken into ‘Standard’ and ‘Speed’ – you would answer these instead of just ‘Chess’ for both. These answers will then appear with a hyphen, i.e. ‘Chess – Standard.’ These are only events in which a competition was held and official medals awarded. Therefore none of the older Art Competitions or demonstration sports.

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2 years ago

Modern pentathlon and skeleton do not work.
Breaking into sub-caterogies is weird. You do not distinguish between different athletics event but do distinguish kayaking sprint from slalom and various equestrian events.

3 years ago

No field hockey?

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