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US National Park System


Name as many of the official units of the US National Park System as you can. Some units compromise large land areas (large parks, trails, rivers), so the location on the map is somewhat approximate. Completing states is only done when you complete all the units entirely within that one state, so you can complete all 54 states/territories before getting all the answers (as there are units which cover multiple states). Names need to be known reasonably well, however last names suffice for places dedicated to just one person. Battlefields include all battlefield/military parks/sites. Some places, such as monuments, are not under the NPS, therefore are not on this quiz. Note – there is one location in the Pacific you may have to scroll westward to view.

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1 year ago

“last names suffice for places dedicated to just one person,” but Washington doesn’t give you Washington Mounment?
Otherwise, great quiz.

5 years ago

Love this quiz, but it’s lost the key that tells you what the different color pins mean. I was also a fan of the previous version having the running tally of how many of each type had been named, though that’s obviously of secondary importance.

5 years ago
Reply to  Solitaire

Hadn’t realized you can see the type by hovering over the pin. Nevermind!

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