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World Cities Grid Identifier Challenge


The object of this quiz is to double-click the grid square where cities are located (the centroid of the city is used). When you begin you will have a grid randomly placed with size 15 degrees latitude by 15 degrees longitude. You will be told which city to locate – simply double-click on that city’s grid square and you will move on to the next city. Each time you go to a new city the squares are randomly redrawn and with a size 10% smaller. The first 10 cities will be 5M+, the next 10 2.5-5M, next 10 1-2.5M and the balance (until you run out of time or guess wrong) will be 500K-1M. When you guess wrong the correct location will be shown as a pink marker.

You will not get more than one city per country in the first 3 groupings of 10, however for the final balance (when the cities are 500K-1M) there is no limit to how many cities in one country you will get.

You do get a break if you are within 2 km of the city but in the wrong square – you will not get credit for the guess but will get another chance at that level.

After the quiz is over you can click RESTART to retry it without refreshing the page.

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2 months ago

Suggestion: add previous guesses as pins, so that you learn the exact locations faster + you can admire your work.

3 months ago

The marker for Maoming, Guangdong, China spots Gaozhou, and the Gaozhou one is a bit to the northeast. I guess the Maoming marker refers to the centroid of Maoming prefecture-level city while the Gaozhou one to the centroid of Gaozhou county-level city within Maoming prefecture-level city. Maybe the Chinese habit of naming prefectures and counties cities is not really appropirate for the city definition of this quiz, or am I supposed to know centroid of prefecture- or county-like areas?

4 months ago


4 months ago

The Chinese cities are very hard

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