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World History Events Year Guessing Challenge


The object of this quiz is to guess the year (see NAMING NOTE below) for each historical event since 0 AD that will fill the table. When you begin you will need to guess the year of the event shown. You have 1000 years of error to work with – each time you guess a year the difference between your guess and the actual year is subtracted from the Years Remaining – if you still have Years Remaining a new event will show up in the table. Once you lose all 1000 Years Remaining or complete all 25 events without using them all up, the quiz is over. You will get no more than 5 events from a single century.

NAMING NOTE: you need to enter a ‘.’ (period) after each year to submit it to prevent entering a three-digit or less year.

hugequiz Premium members will see the actual years for each event in green (along with guessed year in red) when the quiz is over.

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